HVAC – Getting Maximum Life Out of a Commercial Heating System

A few simple procedures once a month is all it takes.


Good maintenance on a commercial HVAC system extends the life of the unit while saving energy costs and lowering repair costs over the life of the unit. Yet only a third of companies surveyed say they have a regularly scheduled maintenance plan for their HVAC systems. Whether you rent a building to commercial tenants or own the building that houses your business, every missed maintenance event equates to money lost. Take control of your building’s HVAC and use the savings to grow the business.


Plan for Regular Maintenance


Regular maintenance of the building’s HVAC supports your bottom line in other ways too. A malfunctioning HVAC unit can release dangerous gases into the workspace or create air quality problems such as excessive dust and mold, leading to lawsuits from building occupants and employees. Fortunately, keeping your HVAC in good running condition is not difficult.


An Easy Process You Perform Once a Month


Set one day of the month to perform your regular maintenance and stick to it. Your first maintenance task will be to choose high quality air filters to minimize the risk of air quality problems related to mold and dust. Replace the filter in your system and check it again every month. As long as it remains in reasonably clean condition and air passes through easily, you use the same filter for up to six months. Keep a log and record the condition of the filter. Consider keeping a photographic record to help refresh your memory when comparing the filter’s condition this month against last month.


Once the filter is changed, look at the evaporator coils to check for excess accumulation of dust or growth of mold from the constant moisture that rests there. If necessary, wipe down the coils. Then walk around the building to check on the condenser coils outside. It’s a good idea to clean these in the same maintenance check as the indoor coils to ensure greater efficiency of the unit. Again, log the activity so you can look back to check on when you last cleaned the coils.


Call for an Annual Inspection


The only other item to remember is to call us for regularly scheduled maintenance inspections. We will inspect the system to be sure it’s functioning properly. We will provide recommendations for your particular system.


Schedule Your Building’s Annual HVAC Maintenance with M&M Facility Services LLC


As commercial, industrial, and institutional HVAC professionals, M&M Facility Services LLC performs regular scheduled maintenance to help reduce HVAC breakdowns and increase energy efficiency. Contact us to schedule our visit to your facility for a free quote.

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